Fill your space with creative graphic/web design, photography, video, and fine art. 58 Creativity is about helping to develop new and imaginative ideas from the art and design world. Think Big, the number 58. There really is another meaning, but related with liking, wanting to discover, or just having an interest in Creativity. Let’s enjoy the opportunity and we are pleased to have you working with us.

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Brittany Castle – Designer

Brittany constantly seeks to improve collaborative opportunities in business, organizations, and education for the Deaf community. Her passion is helping the community by becoming a role model for the deaf. She has volunteered her life towards this goal and works hard to make this dream a reality.

Brittany has many skills including graphic design, web design, and photography. She graduated from Gallaudet University with B.A. Degrees in Graphic Design and Photography. She is from Southern California and her family skipped a generation of deaf members, her grandparents and sister are deaf too.


Paul Sweeney Jr. – Full Stack Web Developer

Paul grew up in California and went to Gallaudet University and graduated with Bachelor’s degree in History and minor in Computer Information System in 2011.  After his graduation from Gallaudet University, he falls in love with programming and taught himself programming and web development.   

Paul contributed a lot on various projects with this company on his experts with Javascript and Web Development.  In his free-time, he would be coding and loading some various of the virtual machine to test his codes.  Most of the time, he would hop in someone’s code and improve it.  If anything breaks in development/production web process, Paul is the main man to fix it all.

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