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Discuss and share the idea how to beat the issue to do sketch without hear. Sketchnote is not about perfect and note the great idea on your journals. it is part of the visual language and easy to memorable your notes.

See the sample sketchbook:

Book: The Sketchnote Handbook by Mike Rohde The Sketchnote Handbook


Hello. I am here to discuss about sketchnote, based what I just read book titled, “The Sketchnote Handbook” by Mike Rohde. It is not about “note taking.” It is sketch and part of visual language. I learned from the book said that how to do sketchnote. Hear. See. Draw.

Once you can hear, you have more access. Hear from someone speak, eyes on the journal and at the same time do the drawing on the journal. Even, you have time to do colorful and creative drawing on the journal during listening. As deaf person, it is possible to miss some information from listening because they use their eyes to listen by looking up and down repeatedly by not trying to miss any information from the lecture. How can we do this challenge? I am not asking you to record the whole lecture and watch it later because it will waste our time. It need to be realistic. Let do the challenge by doing the sketchnote in real time.

I just did the experiment on selecting the video, “Thoughts on Art” by Adrean Clark, it’s only 4 minutes so I am challenging myself. I tried it and did miss some of her message on her video. Anyway, I got main idea on what she explained.

Share if you are successful on doing sketchnote without using your hearing. Here is the sample of the video from my recent challenge. (show of my sketchnote.) it is still words/texts without drawing some image/symbol. I tried to draw but it is hard for me to focus on the drawing also if I am not looking at video, I would miss some information. Word/text are more easier to write than drawing some objects. Well… my opinion is… If you do draw the same object repeatedly, it will be faster to write text in the neat way. Be aware, this is my first time do the sketch.

Should we have double sketchnoting, share the information? (one look at journal, other look at lecture, then turn switch their duty to look the lecture and do sketch.)

But sketchnote is YOUR IDEA. When you feel like to record some great idea, put on the journal. It is your inspirational thinking. Sketch isn’t about Art. If you want to join this challenge, don’t worry about the drawing. You can draw in simple elementary way. It doesn’t have to be perfect with drawing. You can draw two wheel and shape of car and you will understand that it is car symbol.

Also, you can do drawing in deep details and add colors your note, after you listened someone’s lecture.

End of this video, I would add sample of sketchnote under the video (link.)

If you want to do this challenge, pick the video without pause and watch it repeatedly. Or go to LIVE conference. Try sketchnote. Let me know, share your experience with sketchnote.

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