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Note: This video is all about pixels, not vector. Vector can handle to any size (small to bigger.) It is full of math.


Hello. Nowaday, there are more 4k movies out there.

So sharp and beautiful.

Because 4k video have to match up to 4K TV.

So, 4K video are equal with 4k TV screen.

If HD video play on 4k TV, it will little fuzzy but not sharper as 4K.

Because HD video’s pixels set that maximum measurement, it match to HD TV (1080/720p).

Graph of pixels have count of each colors in many squares.   (with image of pixels on videos)

When pixels change larger size, it will show more shape of pixels,

square of pixels will be not smooth edge as what it should be.

Similar as when you take picture and

you want make small picture bigger in size,

it will still be grain and not sharp.

Important to have original picture in larger format to print it in same size as original.

Original pictures can be converted to smaller size.  It will still look good.  With enough pixels information to be handled to smaller format.

Basically, that is how pixels in image works, smaller photo/images can’t be stretched out to bigger picture.

It should stay with same number of pixels.


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